The Wombats - "Let's Dance to Joy Division"
"... The song itself is full of subtle irony, from the reference of Joy Division who, despite the joyous name of the band, often sang about gloomier subjects. The lyrics, “up to the DJ booth,” highlight Murphy’s request for a song that fuels a sense of escapism from the very commercialism the night club participates in, to the ending echo-ings of sarcastic laughter that send the listener off ..."
April 2020
5 Seconds of Summer - "Wildflower"
" ... “Wildflower” glides up through the verses and crashes down with a staccato chorus. The drums beat forcefully making itself known in a way that doesn’t overpower the melody. It is nearly impossible not to bop your head along with the tune ..."
April 2020
BloodBoy - "Punk Adjacent"
"Musician Lexie Papilion, the talent behind Bloodboy, has created a slightly-softer-than-punk-rock sound with her debut album released summer 2019. The album has 10 tracks with jazzy grandiose sounds fore-fronted by Papilion’s belting vocals ..."
April 2020
Wallows - "OK"
"Known for their mellow 1980s inspired sounds, the indie-rock trio Wallows, comprised of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston released their newest single, “OK,” and it does not disappoint ..."
April 2020

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